• Bruce Peninsula National Park Fall Visit

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    This past weekend, sort of on the spur of the moment, Taylor and I decided to use the National Park Pass we purchased this past summer, and visit the Bruce Peninsula National Park. I had been in 2005, with my sister and (then future) brother-in-law. On that occasion it was summer, and warm, and we camped at the backcountry campsite known as Stormhaven. We were lucky to see an incredible sunset for the one night that we camped there.

    This time around, it was practically winter (there was significant snow on the way up), and since it was a rather rushed trip, we camped at the more convenient Cypress Lake campground (hooray for car camping!). Despite the rotten forecast, and hiking in hail, rain, and high winds the entire time, we had a nice time. I showed Taylor Stormhaven, and had fun going back to the spots I took the sunset photos. Stormhaven is an incredible spot – worthy of a National Park I think.

    What wasn’t worthy of a National Park were the services in the campground…First of all, the camping fee was $15.70…not $15, or $16.  When we realized they don’t take credit cards at this campsite (as they do in others I’ve been to), we had a good laugh as we scrounged our pockets, wallets, and even the bottom of my car for the last $0.20. Then it took us a while to find a working bathroom…all of them were either closed or out of commission, and replaced with a single port-o-potty. In the end we wondered where our $15.70 was going.

    Anyway, what with the hail and rain, I didn’t take many pictures during our hike, but the next day we did a driving exploration of that side of Georgian Bay, going to Lion’s Head, Grey County Road 1, and Meaford (take note: few restaurants are open on Sundays in Meaford, but the fish and chip place is pretty good! Also, Eggcitement Bistro closes its kitchen at 2:45, and the Leeky Canoe sometimes takes its employees out for a party when they’d otherwise be open, probably knowing we’d be in town). The skies were incredible the whole day.



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      I remember that first picture! Still love it :)

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