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    Well well, time flies when you’re busy. I’ve been shooting lots of weddings all summer, been on a few trips, and started work on some new projects. I’ll start with the first trip, which was a bicycle tour of the Cabot Trail, in Cape Breton, NS, with my girlfriend Taylor. It was an amazing time, with of course some highs and lows, both literally and figuratively, as our bodies and minds adjusted to the rigours of long days in the saddle up and over mountains. On the cycling side of things, Taylor did incredibly well on her first cycletour, despite tough headwinds and enormous climbs that rivalled any major climbs I’ve done in my past trips. It was also our first bicycle tour together, and a friend we made on the trail perfectly summarized how it went after seeing us hug as we took in the view on the Skyline Trail: “They’re on a bike tour and they’re still hugging? That’s pretty good!”. Here’s a slideshow of our trip, with captions to tell the story (hover over the image to see captions).

    Living in Toronto makes it hard to get out to the places I love (primarily mountains), so I decided to try and explore the urban landscape. It turns out that I enjoy urban photography, and it’s got me exploring new techniques, compositions, and designing, building, and trying new equipment. Specifically, I’ve learned a lot about light trails, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and panoramics, including multilayer ones. Not only am I documenting the city with interesting photos, but I’m also exercising the technical half of my brain, which I enjoy quite a lot as well. Learning how to properly create a multi-layer panoramic HDR image is not so simple as point and shoot! For several years now, since I left the engineering world, I’ve been subconsciously avoiding technical things, which I think was an attempt to disconnect from my past work – I’m a photographer now, it should be all about ‘art’, right? However I’ve come to realize that I actually like working on technical projects when they relate to photography, and it may be that to do so will result in interesting (and some day, unique) photographs. From learning about HDR and using the software for it, no-parallax points of lenses, making my own panoramic tripod head, new panoramic stitching software, to making what I’m calling a ‘dark’ box (for shooting through windows – as opposed to softbox or lightboxes), I have so far enjoyed this project, and I think it may stay as a pastime for a long time. I’m working on a series of HDR multi-layer panoramic images which I hope to display somewhere sometime. So, here’s a short slideshow of some of the photos I’ve taken so far for this project.

    This past spring I had the option to bid on a project for corporate headshots (the job never went through), but I realized in the process that my portfolio is lacking in this type of photo. So to fix that, I emailed some friends asking if anyone wanted free portraits, and of course got a pretty enthusiastic response. I’ve still got more portraits to take in the corporate portrait style before I feel it’s complete, but I’ve also realized that I’d like to work on more interesting portraits of people, trying to capture their personality in a less formal setting. If you’d like to have a portrait, please get in touch. Here are some of the portraits I’ve taken so far.

    Lastly, I’ve also been on a couple of adventurous fall trips, and thought I’d share some of the photos from those. First I went on a 3-day kayaking trip, and then on a 3 day trad climbing trip.

    The wedding season is winding down, so I’ll have more time to take photos, work on my equipment, and hopefully blog. Of course, you can see more frequent tidbits on my instagram, twitter, or Facebook page.


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