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    Though I’ve had cameras since before I can remember, it was while cycle-touring in Spain that I realized what photography means to me. Coming over the crest of a hill on my bike, cliffs fell into the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea to my right, and clouds were forming in front of me as the wind blew the warm moist air over the mountain to my left. Pulling out my camera, I carefully composed an image, trying to capture what I was feeling; I can still remember every emotion I felt because of that photograph.

    After that, it took me a decade to pursue photography as a career; the time to obtain a Masters Degree in aerospace engineering, work for 5 years as a consulting engineer, additionally establishing myself as an associate photographer at a well-respected wedding photography company. I continued to travel and document my adventures, from capturing a children’s Easter parade in Guatemala, to going hypoxic shooting my climbing partners at 6000 metres above sea level on Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. I gained studio photography and shoot logistics experience through personal projects, extending those skills to photograph the activities I enjoy.

    My photographs have been featured in Outpost Magazine, at a local café, and in various wedding industry magazines. I’m available for editorial, outdoor lifestyle, and travel assignments, and I’m also open to creative photoshoots. Keep up to date on my activities at my blog, on twitter, and on my Facebook page. Feel free to contact me by email as well.


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