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Though I’ve had cameras since before I can remember, it was while cycle-touring in Spain that I realized what photography means to me. As I crested a steep climb on my bike, the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea sparkled beneath the cliffs to my right, and clouds were forming in front of me as the wind blew the warm moist air over the mountain to my left. Pulling out my camera, I carefully composed an image, trying to capture what I was feeling; I can still remember every emotion I felt because of that photograph.

It took nearly a decade for me to begin pursuing photography as a career; the time to obtain a Masters Degree in aerospace engineering, and work for 5 years as a consulting engineer, while establishing myself as an associate photographer at a well-respected wedding photography company. I continued to travel and document my adventures, from capturing a children’s Easter parade in Guatemala, to risking hypoxia shooting my climbing partners at 6000 metres above sea level on Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. I gained studio photography and shoot logistics experience through personal projects photographing the activities I enjoy.

Working with me, you will find I'm professional and personable, and my goal is to make you (and/or your models) feel at ease. I’m a good listener, and collaborating and exchanging ideas is the best way to a great result. I love the challenge of solving technical problems, and once the planned photos have been shot, I excel at improvising with the materials on hand to create something unexpected and interesting. My solid technical foundation allows me to focus my attention and energy on creating something beautiful...and I won't bore you with details of my latest lens or my camera’s megapixels, because I know you are more interested in the photos than the gear I used to take them.

I am available for assignment work. Check out the Services page for more information. Keep up to date on my activities at my blog, on twitter, on instagram, and on my Facebook page. There you can also see more of my work.

I'm happy to share my thoughts on travel, photography art and technique, or my trajectory from engineering to photography. Whether in photography tutoring/mentoring sessions or workshops, informal chats over coffee, or some other format, I enjoy discussing my (and your) experiences and am interested in sharing my knowledge.

Feel free to contact me by email.