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Queen Street Character

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chelsea Market


Cloister Arch

The Cloisters, NY, NY, USA

Here Fishy Fishy

Chelsea Market, NY, NY, USA

Magnolia Man

Magnolia Bakery, NY, NY, USA

Out Transit

Subway Yard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Highline Strut

The Highline Park, NY, NY, USA

United Loneliness

Union Station, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

City Reflections

Toronto City Hall reflected in the Nathan Phillips Square skating rink, Toronto, Ontario.

Curves and Lines

City council chamber of Toronto City Hall, dominated by the buildings towers.

In the Thick of It

Toronto as seen from Brookfield Place, 50th floor.


A view from a modern downtown condo, Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto's Annual Playground

Crowds enjoy the midway at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition

Ferris Wheel Colours

The ferris wheel at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition has many colour combinations.

Filtering Pools

The filtration pools at the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto, Ontario.

City Tower

One of Toronto's City Hall's towers.

Eastern Trails

A streetcar and cars leave light trails in this long exposure from the east side of Spadina Circle, Toronto, Ontario.