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Thanks for your interest in purchasing a print. Prints are available in a variety of sizes and mounting options. Please see the table below for details. Prints are on Lustre paper, either as the print alone unmounted and unframed, or mounted (i.e., laminated) to a presentation surface ready to hang. These options are likely to change over time, so check back here before you make your final order decision. Prices include taxes but do not include shipping. All sizes are in inches.

Size Lustre Unmounted Floatmount
10x15 $ 65.00 $ 101.00
12x18 $ 108.00 $ 165.00
16x24 $ 160.00 $ 226.00
20x30 $ 175.00 $ 261.00
24x36 $ 270.00 $ 381.00
30x45 $ 300.00 $ 482.00

The photographic paper used for Lustre prints is archival, and has a sheen somewhere between matte and glossy, so you get some of the pop of a glossy print without the finger-print stickiness. Floatmount prints are Lustre prints laminated to masonite, and when hung appear to float off the wall thanks to a hidden frame on the back. There may be other mounting options available, so if you have any questions or particular mounting ideas, email orders@jeanmarcrobin.com.

To order prints, email orders@jeanmarcrobin.com with the following information:

Image Identification/name
Unmounted, or Floatmounted

your contact information